Guardian article: Growth Accelerator – axing it is a mistake

Kevin Mole feels that axing Growth Accelerator is a mistake and that local growth hubs run by LEPs will not be able to fill the gap. What do you think the impact will be?

Guardian Article by Kevin Mole, Head of entrepreneurship and innovation at Warwick Business School and Enterprise Research Centre


Iod and Growth Accelerator Roundtable – Defining strategy for growth

Simon Walker, IoD Director General

The IoD and Growth Accelerator organised a roundtable to discuss how companies can innovate and grow. A group of businesses with high growth aspirations discussed the best ways to achieve their ambitions. The breakfast event was hosted by Simon Walker, IoD Director General.

Defining Strategy for Growth

Stephen Peacock, GrowthAccelerator’s national operations director sums up

‘Drive your business like you stole it’, urges Watson

‘Drive your business like you stole it’, urges Watson

Ellis Watson, the Chief Executive of publisher DC Thomson, stressed the importance of having passion and a positive attitude to ensure that barriers are moved out the way for your business.

Small businesses need to take advantage of mentoring – #HighGrowth


An article in the Guardian by Mark Prisk covering the MentorsMe and GrowthAccelerator programmes. 

Mark Prisk writes about GrowthAccelerator and MentorsMe in the Guardian

Mark Prisk

Small businesses need to take advantage of mentoring

The Guardian

For businesses looking to grow we have also launched the new GrowthAccelerator programme. This is a £200m programme that will only be available for …


Is enough progress being made and are the right companies getting access to support? Any feedback would be welcomed.

The hunt is on for high growth businesses #HighGrowth

Article from the official GrowthAccelerator site: The hunt is on for high growth businesses

How easy will it be to find potential growth businesses that fit with the GrowthAccelerator eligibility criteria? The programme wants to support up to 26,000 companies over 3 years with 6,000 in the first year.

Are there any early experiences that can be shared, without breaching confidentiality, from potential high growth companies, Growth Coaches, Growth Managers or others?

What do potential #HighGrowth companies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland think of GrowthAccelerator

The GrowthAccelerator programme is for England only –

What do potential High Growth companies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland think about the GrowthAccelerator programme and what are the equivalents in the other parts of the UK?

GrowthAccelerator news roundup #HighGrowth

We would like to build a facebook community to discuss and share information about the GrowthAccelerator  programme. See: and like us if you can.

Generally positve comment about the launch of the GrowthAccelerator programme.

The Register       Cable to stimulate stiff growth in entrepreneurs’ trousers

This is Money    30 SECOND GUIDE: Growth accelerator

Yorkshire Post   Launch of £200m business programme to help companies develop

London Loves Business Cable launches £200m business scheme

The Manufacturer           £200m Government scheme to provide business coaching for SMEs

Technology Strategy Board          GrowthAccelerator for small business

Investment Network     GrowthAccelerator – New Premium Business Growth Services Launches

Computerworld UK         Government launches GrowthAccelerator for entrepreneurs

Bdaily Business Network              GrowthAccelerator programme launched

The Information Daily    £200 million programme delivers growth support to ambitious SMEs

startups               Cable launches new business accelerator for entrepreneurs

Financial Times  Coalition puts foot on Growth Accelerator

Financial Times  Cable bill looks to foster enterprise

These links are provided for your information and to stimulate discussion. This blog has no connection with the official site at:

Coaching success stories on YouTube

The consortium running the GrowthAccelerator programme have posted a number of client videos showing the success that has been achieved with high growth coaching. The link is posted here for your information.

Vince Cable has launched the GrowthAccelerator for #HighGrowth companies

The GrowthAccelerator programme, backed by £200m government investment, has been launched by Vince Cable today. This is the flagship programme from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills designed to coach companies with the potential for high growth (roughly doubling turnover or employees over three years).

The programme is being delivered by a consortium including Grant Thornton, Pera, Winning Pitch, Oxford Innovation and local delivery partners. It was previously known as Business Coaching for Growth and a number of companies have already started on the programme.

It is expected that up to 26,000 eligible companies in England will benefit over three years with up to 6,000 in the first year.

Unlike previous support programmes, qualifying companies must contribute £600, £1500 or £3000 towards the cost.

This blog will provide independent comment and views on the GrowthAccelerator.

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